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Age statistics- 22/09/2008

Survey Results from the Single Solutions survey on Age

We've now analysed all the data from our recent survey. We'd like to thank all those who responded, over 400 of you.

Age Analysis

We wanted to find out if there is an inherent incompatibilty between men and women due to age.

Of all those in the survey aged 20 to 60, 90% of men were looking for a woman the same age or younger. This compares well with the 80% of women who are looking for a man the same age or older.

Its not just younger or older though. Its how much younger or older? The above graph shows the target age difference that men and women are looking for. It shows that the difference increases with age.

For those aged up to around 40 we see that men and women have a good chance of finding a good match. Lets take men at 35 as an example. They are looking for women on average 3 years younger. Fortunately these women of 32 are looking at men on average 2.5 years older.

Men at 50 are looking for women 7 years younger. Their target, women of 43 however, are looking for men up to just 1 year older on average.

There are exceptions, but only 10% of women would consider anyone more than 5 years older than themselves. A clear diference to the 40% of men who are hoping for a woman more than 5 years younger!

One interesting result was that 30% of the women over 35 are looking for a younger man. 7.5% of Men in this age bracket are looking for older women!

We are not sure who's got to broaden thier minds, but the message is that people should be looking within five years of their own age to ensure greatest chance of success. Fortunately the majority are, which is why we have relatively narrow age bands for our events, and have strict upper age limits.

Success Rates

53% of women and 57% of men said that they'd had at least one date from each of our events they had been to. This is a very high rate, and it is fantastic to see it in black and white!

Going it Alone

Just 4% of male respondents said that they would not want to go to the events alone. Almost 14% of female respondents claimed the same, which is perhaps why we get slightly more women coming in groups. We'd just like to point out here, that we always have several hosts on hand at each event. We're all friendly and if you do come alone, then come and chat to us, and we'll help make sure you have a great time.


The results are not absolute, but they do go someway to explain why more of us find it harder to find the perfect partner as we get older. Perhaps we can learn something from this. Its not just that we get set in our ways, its that we refuse to accept that we have changed over the years. Youth is attractive, but we should look for intellectual compatibility as well. To achieve results, keep an active mind, stay fit and healthy and always maintain a positive attitude.

As the success rates show, we believe our events provide a great arena for meeting a variety of interesting people in your age range. Its not just a dating event, but a fun night out too!

We hope you enjoyed participating in the survey.

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